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Attending Home Trade Shows Can Save You Time and Effort
Rudy Niño (January 25)
With the factors of house aging and low home improvement rates at work, it is no surprise to see building and renovating at an all time high. Many people, however, with their busy lives find it difficult to go all over the city to find ideas for flooring, wallpaper, plumbing, or even the actual remodeler. Where can the home owner find help? The answer could be as near as the next home trade show.

Home Shows can be an excellent place for you to do some shopping. Reports show that attendances at similar shows every year are at new highs, demonstrating that thousands of consumers go to each event for ideas and information on new products and services. This is supported by the popularity of such television shows as This Old House, Decor, Victory Garden, and Home Again with the ever-popular Bob Vila -- there's even a cable channel dedicated solely to such shows! The popularity of home magazines is also growing, even faster than El Ni–o, and you might recognize Martha Stewart's Living or Good Housekeeping.

This growing interest in home improvement accounts for the large crowds at the home trade shows, where all such information is under one roof. Hundreds of companies -- whether they be one-person operations or multinational corporations -- gather to eagerly exhibit their very best and to showcase all kinds of home improvement products and services. The opportunities are almost endless for finding ideas on how to improve, decorate, or add to your home. Most home trade shows offer free seminars and workshop programs on products and how-to projects. All this for about the cost of a cola and a slice of apple pie.

In addition to gathering all those ideas on improving your home, you might even be able to select you next remodeler at one of these shows. Different remodelers are often on site to introduce themselves and their staffs, and you can find out all kinds of information on them. You can ask what trade affiliations they have. You can study displays of before and after job pictures, gleaming floor products, tiles for your bathroom, or counter tops for your kitchen. You may also be able to see some custom-made cabinets, state-of-the-art appliances, or even a sample outdoor deck.

When meeting the exhibitor, take note of some things such as the design of the booth, banners with information you might find useful, and the eagerness of the staff. Ask questions, and you might even set up an appointment at a later time. Being that the trade show only lasts a few days, these companies will most likely be eager to answer your questions and appeal to you as a potential customer. After all, you are seeking information, and they will be happy to provide it.

The time you invest in one of these trade shows can offer immediate pay off. They allow you to pack into one day all the shopping and information gathering that would normally take several weeks, saving you time and hassle in your busy life. Then, when your friends come over for dinner, notice your newly remodeled kitchen or master bedroom, and wonder how in the world you found time to pick your products and remodeler, you can tell them about the wise decision you made in attending the home trade show.

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